Automatic Single Sealer
AI Electrical Specification

AI model is designed for the continuous sealing of thermoplastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene.  It was equipped with manual via foot or tabletop switch and auto function with repeat timer. The heat-sealing unit closes automatically at a rate set by the operator. This provides greater efficiency by allowing faster operation with the user having both hands free to handle product.  The sealer is generally used for larger width bags and seal a bag 6 mil in thickness.  The automatic sealer is ideal for sealing operations in packaging candies, food, stationery, drugs, tools, replacement parts and other products.


  • High quality auto type sealing machine
  • Suitable for poly bags, alum, bags, medical bags, special material bags
  • Imprinter available


  • imprinter 
  • counter



  • Safety CE approved




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